There's Nothing Like True Q

By some folks’ definition, barbecue is any meat cooked over an open flame. These same poor, misguided souls spend a mere 30 minutes of their weekend over a backyard propane grill, professing to be "barbecuing". Please understand that "barbecue" is not a verb, it's a noun. And it's not a pastime, it's a passion.

Barbecue, Old Carolina style.

Traveling across the country opened our eyes to a great style of food not widely represented in our home state. While Texas, Kansas City and Memphis all have their own claim to the best barbecue, it was the "True Q" of the Carolinas that we appreciated the most. The area is called "The Cradle of ‘Cue" and is represented by the whole-hog, Pig-Pickin's hosted along the eastern shore, to the succulent, hickory-smoked pork shoulders smoked in the western mountains.

Definitely not rushed.

Our barbecue is the end result of pork slow-cooked for up to 14 hours over hickory wood. Yeah, we have to cook chicken and beef to keep the Yankees happy. But that deep-down, smoky flavor that we true barbecue aficionados revere achieves its true essence in our delicious pulled pork and St. Louis Style ribs.

Our commitment to you.

At Old Carolina, our commitment to authenticity is strong. We strive to bring you the best traditional barbecue that you’ll find anywhere outside of the Carolinas. We hope you'll visit us at one of our restaurants or out on the competition circuit. Then, tell a friend about us and come back soon and often!