It starts with a smile.

Our travels throughout the Carolinas garnered recipes from third generation pitmasters. During those visits we knew there was another key ingredient crucial to our success; genuine hospitality. So, when you walk through the door of any Old Carolina location, you are greeted by a smiling crew member ready to take your order. And with our "Love at first bite or we'll make it right" guarantee, our team will check with you to ensure your meal is extraordinary. When it's time to part ways you'll hear a "See ya next time!"


Join Our Team

People often ask how we train our team members to be so friendly. The truth is we don't. We discovered early on that you can't teach someone to be "genuinely nice." You have to hire it. So we focus our efforts on finding employees with four important traits: good work ethic, empathetic, genuinely nice and most importantly, smiles easily. We're not looking for resumes filled with restaurant experience. We can teach anyone the tasks of the operation. Old Carolina Barbecue Company employees are good-valued people who appreciate an environment where their hard work is recognized and rewarded.