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True Q: Repeat after me class…

Read what satisfied customers are saying about their Old Carolina experience.

Thanks to our family, friends (old and new) and fellow barbecue fanatics for all of your support.

What is True Q?

By some folks definitions, barbecue is any meat cooked over an open flame. These same poor, misguided souls spend a mere thirty minutes of their weekend over a backyard propane grill professing to be "barbecuing". Please understand that "barbecue" is not a verb, it's a noun. And it's not a pastime, it's a passion.

Barbecue, Old Carolina style.

Traveling across the country opened our eyes to a great style of food not widely represented in our home state. While Texas, Kansas City and Memphis all have their own claim to the best barbecue, it was the "True Q" of the Carolinas that we appreciated the most. The area is called "The Cradle of Cue" and is represented by the whole-hog, Pig-Pickin's hosted along the eastern shores to the hickory-smoked pork shoulders succulently smoked in the western mountains down to the distinctively golden mustard-based sauces of South Carolina.

There are many misconceptions about what authentic barbecue is all about. As a result, we've hosted dozens of "Q-Schools" in an effort to share the lessons taught to us by PitMasters throughout the Carolinas. In addition, with the opening of our first outpost in Massillon, Ohio in May of 2006, Old Carolina Barbecue Company has presented Northeast Ohio with good old fashioned barbecue cooked low and slow. Nothing fancy. Just like the roadside barbecue shacks we have visited so many times.

Definitely not rushed.

Our barbecue is the end result of pork slow cooked for twelve hours over hickory wood. Yeah, we have to cook chicken and beef to keep the yankees happy. But that deep-down, smoky flavor that we true barbecue aficionados revere achieves its true essence in our delicious pulled pork and St. Louis Style ribs.

Our commitment to you.

At the Old Carolina Barbecue Company, our convictions to authenticity are strong. We strive to bring you the best traditional barbecue that you will find outside of the Carolinas. We hope you'll visit us at our restaurant or out on the competition circuit. Then, tell a friend about us and come back real soon!

A word about our sauces…

Our award-winning sauces are now available for retail sale at each of our restaurant locations.

Piedmont No. 5

Our signature sauce! A tangy blend of tomato and vinegar based sauces. Used by many cooks in the piedmont of North Carolina to appease the tastes of both sides of the state. It is great on any of our meats.

Original Classic

Most find this sauce a mild blend of sweet and smoky flavors with a hint of honey. Originating in western North Carolina, this tomato-based sauce is also favored in regions outside the Carolinas, such as Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago and Texas. Use this "traditional" sauce on any of our meats.

Coastal Carolina

This is a sweet vinegar and pepper-based sauce favored along the eastern coastal plains of North Carolina. While not consistent enough for most rib lovers outside the region, it is great on pulled pork sandwiches.

Original Gold

A flavorful mustard-based yellow sauce served predominately in South Carolina (and parts of Georgia, too.) While unfamiliar to many parts of the country, this sauce is great on all of our meats, and a good dipping sauce for hush puppies.

Screamin' Beaver

Be careful. This sauce sneaks up on you. You'll first enjoy the taste and then it hits you. Wow!