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A word about our award-winning sauces…

Our original, award-winning sauces are great to have at home or to give as gifts. Pick them up in one of our locations!

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Piedmont No. 5
Our signature sauce! A tangy blend of tomato and vinegar based sauces. Used by many cooks in the piedmont of North Carolina to appease the tastes of both sides of the state. It is great on any of our meats.

Original Classic
This versatile sauce is a mild blend of sweet and smoky flavors with a hint of honey. Originating in western North Carolina, this tomato-based sauce is also favored in regions outside the Carolinas, such as Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago and Texas. Use this "traditional" sauce on any of our meats.

Original Gold
You’ll find this flavorful mustard-based yellow sauce served predominately in South Carolina (and parts of Georgia, too). While unfamiliar in many parts of the country, this sauce is great on all of our meats, and a good dipping sauce for hush puppies.

Screamin' Beaver
Born in the backwoods of the Carolinas is a masterful hot sauce so full of flavor. Be careful. This sauce sneaks up on you. This friendly heat tip toes over your lips and kicks you in the back of the throat. The pain won't last but the memory of the flavorful sauce will haunt you until your next bite.

Coastal Carolina
The defining sauce of eastern Carolina 'cue, the spicy tang of this vinegar and pepper-based sauce perfectly complements the smoky taste of any Old Carolina meats, but we especially like it on pulled pork sandwiches.